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Wilderness Fox


The Story

It all started for me 20+ years ago as a kid, I didn't realize we were actually pretty broke mom and dad were divorced already and for our vacations we went to Blue angels campgrounds in Pensacola Florida. Mom was in the navy so we moved around a lot but those couple years in Pensacola we went camping pretty often and I fell in love with the outdoors and even before that we were in Key West and used to go fishing off the dock in the back yard on the base in military housing and it was the best times I can possibly remember. I wanted to show people how great the wilderness is and let them hopefully see it through my eyes. I want people to be able to remember they joy and fun they had when they were still children, we didn't worry about what people thought when we were playing and pretending we had no fear of what others might think we just did what seemed fun in the moment.

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